How to write an article

Writing is not an easy task

From day to day writing become more attractive because you are actually capable of generating additional passive income without doing much. What you need to do is think and write whatever arises in your mind.

It seems simple but not easy. First you should think about the topic you want to write. Secondly, you have to translate your ideas from mother tongue to English, which is not the language of everyday conversation.

English is not my first language but with some help I was able to pass the level of quality set by the editors. I am very grateful for the flexibility they provide. I must admit sometimes my articles do not equal the quality of articles of European and American people but more importantly, my ideas can be communicated to the public for sharing.

Tools you need to write faster

For the success of my mission to write, I use several tools available for free on the internet. Of course, it is really easy for you to outsource this task to someone else with a small fee but you will not be able to feel the satisfaction of writing. Believe me. Additionally you have to provide capital where the future results will not necessarily be to your satisfaction.

without these devices most likely I will take a long time to write because I had to think long and hard to find a lot of ideas before you start writing and then have to consider what the appropriate English words for me to translate the meaning of the word in my mother tongue.

When I feel lazy to think, simply by typing the two keywords I can get more ideas that I could write enough to produce a short but meaningful article. Of course you also need to be creative to rearrange the flow of the sentences, because without creativity, what you trying to say would be meaningless and did not seem original. People read articles to gain knowledge and entertained with what you are trying to convey.

SEO vs natural writing

In addition, there is also a very useful tool to make the articles written to be SEO friendly. In this sophisticated age in which the Internet has becomes powerful media and search engines are created with a specific algotihm, it is desirable that the author also knows a bit about SEO. The objective is that any reader can easily find your article while searching on the internet for information. So the writing on the internet is a bit challenging at times where they need to learn some skills before they can achieve the desired success. You need to know what tools are needed to ensure the promotion of your articles become more effective.

But I must also confess sometimes, writing with too many technical obstacles will cause your writing not creative and you may not enjoy writing. Frankly speaking, if I were too lazy to check for SEO, what I do is just to find the subject interesting to people’s attention and keep writing straight from the heart without thinking about aspects of SEO and others. This is because an honest idea that come straight from the heart can overcome all these technical aspects. Interesting articles will cause people to read and recommend them or share them with the other readers without you realizing it. Word of mouth promotion is more effective than SEO. Even if your article is submitted here and there but it is not interesting to read and lack of content, people will not care about it.

Do you agree?

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