Fiskars rain water harvesting collection system barrels

Fiskars 5996 Holden 48-Gallon Rain Harvesting System

A unique, irregularly shaped, like a wave gives the appearance of the mix of neutral colors and natural organics. Design of back flat flush against the outside of your home. The system includes 48 gallon rain barrel, cap, carefree diverter kit, a tap screw for easy attachment garden hose and a complete guide to installation.

Smart Solar RB6000 Rain Barrel, 60 Gallon Capacity

Living green is causing considerable economic savings. And of simple eco-green 60 gallon rain barrel intelligent. This durable, weather-resistant rain barrels fabric 500D PVC fabric takes 60 gallons of rain runoff from the downspout diverter provided and built in filter screen for the possibility, a completely natural source of open water in your yard and garden. Just attach a garden hose to carry out the tap and the water goes down the barrel. A zinc-aluminum alloy guard unzipped the top of the barrel firmly in place and ensures long durability and performance. Flaps at the bottom of the barrel allows the bet (game included) for maximum stability. Laras save space, too – when you want to keep over the winter, such as bending to facilitate the transfer and storage.

Rainreserve 2012309 Rain Barrel Basic Rain Diverter (Barrel Not Included)

The Rainreserve diverter filters leaves and debris before it reaches the container. Containers can be placed away from the downspout for the comfort or appearance. The system help you save water and money to provide water free of chemicals for lawn and garden. The system excludes rain barrel or tank of water, such as high flow faucets, barrel seal, tap adapter, circular or garden hose adapter.

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