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Hasilkan ayat promosi jualan yang fokus pada pelanggan

Apa aset terbesar bisnes anda? Ya, pelanggan ialah aset terbesar kita. Produk pun aset. Diri sendiri pun aset. Harta kita, bisnes kita pun aset tapi pelanggan ialah aset utama yang terbesar bagi orang bisnes. Kenapa? Kata Dan Kennedy seorang pakar pemasaran: “Produk hanya bernilai jika kita ada pelanggan yang mahu beli.” Mindset ini sangat penting

How to write an article

Writing is not an easy task From day to day writing at hubpages become more attractive because you are actually capable of generating additional passive income without doing much. What you need to do is think and write whatever arises in your mind. It seems simple but not easy. First you should think about the

How to write an essay with unique content everytime?

Writing unique content – is it really difficult? Today the key to finding top place in search engines such as Google, particularly by publishing unique content. What am I trying to say here? Impersonate another person and put the article on your blog will not give you any advantage. However there are still many that
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